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Jill Magid, Subject of Log#2887

Thanks to The Liverpool Biennial Staff. And to curators Ceri Hand at FACT, Adrian George and Sophie Allen at Tate; and researcher Yu Yeon Kim.
Special thanks to my hosts Peter Woods, Francis Ryan, and Patrick my borrowed dog. To Rene Brouwer and Maarten Kok at www.wrks.nl, Rob Linders at Artivisuals, Sara Smith at FACT, Patrick at Mersey Film and Video, Rolf Coppens & David Spreekmeester at Grrr Medialab, Bart Tunnissen, and HJA. And of course to the Merseyside Police: Peter in the FIU, Operations Manager Lee Walters, and to my Observers in the City Watch Control Room: Mike, Andy, Neil, Collin, Billy, and Kevin.

For a related past project, go to www.systemazure.com

Commissioned by the Liverpool Biennial International 04

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