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28 January - 20 March 2005
With: Marc Bijl, Sophie Calle, Ergin Çavusoglu, Paul Chan, Cláudia Cristóvão, Harun Farocki, Robin van´t Haar, Nicoline van Harskamp, Janice Kerbel, Jill Magid, Yucef Merhi, Julia Scher, socialfiction.org and Deborah Stratman

'ON PATROL' will be officially opened on Friday 28 January at 7.30 p.m. by Boris Dittrich, chairman of the D66 parliamentary party.

De Appel in Amsterdam

Evidence Locker/Retrieval Room
Two installations at Tate and FACT
18 September – 28 November 2004

The artist spent 31 days in Liverpool – the length of time for which CCTV footage is stored by the police before being erased, unless it is requested as evidence of a crime. Throughout this time she was filmed by the CCTV system.

The final work consists of two contrasting installations. Evidence Locker at Tate evokes the space of the CCTV monitoring station, and includes a soundtrack of the police log being read aloud, and CCTV footage featuring the artist obtained from the authorities. Retrieval Room at FACT reveals the evolving romance of the relationship with the CCTV staff through a daily diary and dream-like video projections.
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Videos in Evidence Locker and Retrieval Room were made from released CCTV footage Log#2887, filmed by City Watch controllers, and edited by the artist.

Evidence Locker
• Police Log, Audio CD, 23 min.
• Control Room, Diptych digital videos, 10 min. loop.
• Trust, digital video, 18 min.

Retrieval Room
One Cycle of Memory in the City of L, printed book, 80 pages.
ISBN number - 09546931-1-6
5 + P&P (1.00 within Europe and 2.00 Worldwide)
Contact FACT for details

• Incident_Retrieved, digital video, 7:14 min. loop.
• Final Tour, digital video, 2:56 min.
Privacy Zones (The Box at FACT)
Privacy Zones are filmed and edited by the artist. They will be screened unannounced between regularly scheduled films/events occurring in the Box during the biennial period.

Privacy Zones (Kitchen and Bath), digital video, 8:48 min. loop.

Privacy Zones (Green room My room), digital video, 8:40 min. loop.
“Since you cannot see me inside, I will film the inside for you”

Evidence Locker by Jill Magid - website byGrrr