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Jill Magid in conversation with Geert Lovink
October 7
The Box

The Gallery 2 artist Jill Magid discusses her work, presented at FACT during the Biennial, with Geert Lovink, renowned independent media theorist and net critic.

They focus on the processes and media forms Magid employed to make the work - from her relationship with City Watch (Liverpool Police Department and Mersey City Council) and the Forensic Imaging Unit, to working with the Police video footage, official Police forms, documents sound and text, that all contribute to her exhibitions at both FACT and Tate.

Magid will have recently returned from working in LA with documentary filmmaker Georg Hartmann, where they have used the Liverpool police footage as raw material to create new plots and characters in a film called Closed Circuit, which they hope to be screened on Channel 4.

Magid & Lovink will discuss how the content of the work has been transformed through this change of media forms - from surveillance cameras to film - and investigate the potential of a medium set up to complete a 'public need', such as security against crime, to be transformed into another, more personal aim, with new fictional narratives.

Lovink will also expand on the political implications of surveillance footage 'reality tv'.

Read the interview in pdf format

Near No Man's Land, a Quest for Unity and Peace, by Stephen Zacks
Article on DMZ-2005, monthlong exhibition of works by 20 Korean and 20 foreign artists in Heyri Art Valley, village under construction south of demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, in observance of 55th anniversary of start of Korean War. Read the article

BBC Radio 4 on 'Front Row', an interview by Mark Lawson. Listen to the stream in the archive

BBC BIG Screen, placed in Liverpool Jill Magid - Retrieval Room

Biennial catalogue text by Ceri Hand.

Kunst over de bespiedende en bespiede mens, by Arjan Reinders
Review on the On Parol show at gallery "De Appel" in Amsterdam. Read the article in Dutch

Levend oog aan de wand, by Janneke Wesseling
Nieuwe Britse kunst op derde Liverpool Bi‘nnale. In een pakhuis in Liverpool wordt de derde Liverpool Bi‘nnale gehouden. Het doel is het promoten van nieuwe Britse kunst, maar tegelijkertijd verandert de hele stad erdoor. Read the article in Dutch

Yoko Ono's 'breast' banners, a movie shot on CCTV, sinister suitcases - Liverpool's art biennial features plenty of oddities, and, says Richard Dorment, some real gems. Strangeness and charm

An article was printed in Kersvers Magazine, September issue 2004, Bright Lights Big Games, by Pernille E. Jensen Evidence Locker. A Love Story.

Jill Magid & Yang Fudong Bring The International 04 To FACT

Glamour Magazine, Italy. Artists to Watch in the Biennials. April, 2004. Written by Flavia Fossamargutti.
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